Blue Frog School of Music
Austin Music School

Our Covid-19 Policies

Dear Blue Frog Students and Families,

I hope this finds you safe and well! Our teachers have protocols that we feel comfortable with and hope you do too. All teachers can continue with zoom online classes, offering a convenience that has been very successful for students and teachers. Or... a monthly in-person lesson & 3 zoom lessons.

As of October 1st, 2020 we will offer in-person lessons again! Those wishing to come to the school must follow our stringent safety protocols. If you are interested in our in-person lessons, please contact your teacher directly and arrange your after-school time.

In-person Lesson Protocols

  • Upon arriving at Blue Frog the student and family must stay in their car. The teacher will come out to escort the student in. Since we don't want to risk students interacting unsafely, families must remain in thier vehicle during the lessson. The waiting room & bathrooms are off limits for the time being.
  • The teacher will ask if the student has been feeling alright, along with inquiring about anyone they may have been around that might be feeling ill.
  • Students will wear their own mask. Before entering, there will be a hand-washing station & hand sanitizer.
  • A quick temperature check will be administered.
  • The studio will be equipped with either/and cross ventilation created by a Hepa air filter or fans circulating air from outside.
  • For the piano students, we will have a second 'student' piano in each room. This piano will be cleaned thoroughly by the teacher in-between students. The other piano will be for the teacher's use only. 
  • We do not foresee any special arrangements for guitar and drum students, as these are easy to space apart.
  • Ms. Andrea, our voice teacher, is planning on meeting outside with her voice students approximately once a month (the other lessons will be online). Inside lessons are not yet an option for our vocalists.

The in-person lessons will be shortened to 25 minutes to allow time for walks to the car and hand washing. I will will be adding more info regarding the options for group learning. For now, please be in touch with your teacher to let him/her know your family's preferences. And of course with all our great intentions paired with the unpredictability of the virus, all of this just might go ZOOM! out the window ;~)

Let's all stay safe!
Sonora Lee, Owner