NOTE: This form is for students who have already had their introductory lesson.

Help us to know your child and family situation better by filling out the following form. In so doing, we will have a better picture/understanding of your student and how we might best approach his/her musical life and practicing. This is an important journey and we want to do it right! Blue Frog School of Music will treat this information with utmost integrity and will in no way share it with anyone else.
- Ms. Sonora

STUDENT Information

NOTE: Person listed as Parent 1will be the primary contact for scheduling and tuition.

Parent 1 Information:

Parent 2 Information:


Who was your introductory/interview teacher?


How did you hear about us?


In consideration for participation in Blue Frog School of Music programs I hereby assume all risks and hazards incident to my and/or my children's participation in all Blue Frog School of Music activities, while in, about, or upon the premises of Sonora Lee and Blue Frog School of Music and/or while using the premises or any facilities. I further waive, release, absolve, indemnify and agree to hold harmless Sonora Lee, Blue Frog School of Music, the staff, volunteers, participants, as well as persons or parents transporting participants to and from activities from any claims or injury sustained during my presence on or use of the Blue Frog School of Music property or participation in programs.

Parental Agreements and Commitments
For all students in lessons, ensembles and camps:

Student Drop-Off: We commit to making contact with our child/ren's teacher(s) when dropping them off for camp, lessons, practices and ensembles. This is to ensure that an adult is on property, as well as allowing time for Blue Frog School of Music staff to communicate any necessary information regarding our child/ren's progress, tuition, Blue Frog School of Music news and/or policies.

For students in monthly lessons and ensembles:

Monthly tuition is due at the first of every month. Tuition can be paid via an invoice you are emailed prior to the first of every month. All replies should be directed to tuition@sonoralee.com. Tuition pays for 4 weekly lessons per month. In the event of a 5th day in a month, your teacher will use that time for make up lessons rather than the usual weekly lessons. There is a $35 fee for any late payments. If payment is not received, lessons will be placed on hold until payment, including the late fee, is received.

30 minute lesson slot: $125/month
45 minute lesson slot: $187.50/month
60 minute lesson slot: $250/month

Please allow at least 48 hours notice for lesson cancellations. This provides enough time for your teacher to fill that time slot. Students are allowed one make up per semester for a cancelled lesson. Last minute cancellations or missed lessons will not be made up. In the event of a family emergency, make up lessons will be subject to your teacher's availability. Should your teacher need to miss a lesson, a make up lesson will be scheduled.

Students are expected to practice their lesson materials daily. Since a student only sees their teacher once a week, it is imperative for their musical growth that they practice regularly. Parental involvement is extremely important for a young student's success. Parents of any students under the age of 8 will be asked to be present for their child's lesson to be able to help with lesson materials at home. If a student is frequently attending lessons without being prepared, it is the teacher's obligation to speak with the student and parents about proper practice habits. If lack of lesson preparation persists, the student will be subject to a lesson dismissal and/or termination from lessons.

There are two main recital seasons per year: spring and fall. Each recital will be handled uniquely as per the instrument and the teacher. Under the Stars is twice per year and primarily for the voice students. There is a charge of $35 per performer for the outdoor recitals. The voice students will also receive a recording of their songs right before the winter holidays. Although you will not meet your teacher for the fourth lesson in December, that cost will go toward the out-of-class time for the teacher editing and preparing the CDs along with the school's outlay for materials. There is NO charge for the first CD, however there will be a $5 charge per CD thereafter. (Side note. These CDs are popular and make special gifts to family and friends! And only includes your student's songs.) Spring and live winter holiday recitals for students will be $25 per student.

Due to the number of students on your teacher's calendar, email is the preferred method of contact. Text messages can be more difficult to keep track of and archive. Unless you are notifying your teacher that you are running late, etc., please use email for questions regarding lessons and schedules rather than texting.

Ms. Sonora: sonora@sonoralee.com
Mr. John: john@churchillcomposing.com
Mr James: jamesblairmusic@gmail.com
Ms Megan: mprov.09@gmail.com
Ms. Andrea: andreawhaley8@gmail.com
Mr Greg: greg@walkermedia.net
Mr Mike: mazdrumz69@gmail.com

Permanent lesson cancellation requires a one month/30 day notice. This includes needing to cancel lessons during the summer months. If notification is given mid- month, a prorated amount of tuition will be due for the following month. The student is welcome to attend their regular weekly time until the cancellation period is finished. Lesson termination also forfeits the time slot to other prospective students. Please know that we are a year round school. Our summer months continue as per the rest of the year. Should you desire to take the summer off or even a portion of it and would like to resume upon your return, you might want to consider paying for lessons at your preferred time. Try to attend as many as you can. Otherwise, once you terminate, the student will be removed from the school's roster.