NOTE!!!!: This form is for existing students only.

Help us to know your child and family situation better by filling out the following form. In so doing, we will have a better picture/understanding of your student and how we might best approach his/her musical life and practicing. This is an important journey and we want to do it right! Blue Frog School of Music will treat this information with utmost integrity and will in no way share it with anyone else.
- Ms. Sonora

STUDENT Information

NOTE: Person listed as Parent 1will be the primary contact for scheduling and tuition.

Parent 1 Information:

Parent 2 Information:


Who was your introductory/interview teacher?


We will pay our monthly lesson and ensemble tuition by:

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In consideration for participation in Blue Frog School of Music programs I hereby assume all risks and hazards incident to my and/or my children's participation in all Blue Frog School of Music activities, while in, about, or upon the premises of Sonora Lee and Blue Frog School of Music and/or while using the premises or any facilities. I further waive, release, absolve, indemnify and agree to hold harmless Sonora Lee, Blue Frog School of Music, the staff, volunteers, participants, as well as persons or parents transporting participants to and from activities from any claims or injury sustained during my presence on or use of the Blue Frog School of Music property or participation in programs.

Parental Agreements and Commitments
For all students in lessons, ensembles and camps:

Student Drop-Off: We commit to making contact with our child/ren's teacher(s) when dropping them off for camp, lessons, practices and ensembles. This is to ensure that an adult is on property, as well as allowing time for Blue Frog School of Music staff to communicate any necessary information regarding our child/ren's progress, tuition, Blue Frog School of Music news and/or policies.

For students in monthly lessons and ensembles:

Practice, music, absences (lessons and ensembles only): As a family, we commit to practicing at home, getting to our lessons on time, bringing our music to class, and letting Blue Frog School of Music know about predictable absences. Practicing is imperative for the success and progress of each student. Additional practice sessions and associated fees may be prescribed.

Cancellation of lessons and make-up lessons:We will let Blue Frog School of Music know about planned absences (vacations, sports games, other special events) as far in advance as possible (ideally one week). We understand that any notice that is less than 48 hours will result in no make-up lesson. Absence due to illness will qualify for a make-up lesson provided that we call, text or email the teacher by 9:00 a.m. that morning. Emergency absences will be considered on an individual basis by my teacher. Make-up lessons should be scheduled within 30 days of missed lesson, or they may be forfeited.

Canceling your enrollment at Blue Frog School of Music: Anyone choosing to leave Blue Frog School of Music must let the teacher or Ms. Sonora know one-month/30 days in advance/prior to leaving. This allows an opportunity for the student and teacher relationship to close well and time enough for the teacher/school to replace the student.

Four lessons per month: We understand that our monthly tuition pays for four lessons per month. Months that have 5 lesson times will be used for make-up lessons. I will plan with my teacher accordingly. The one exception is December, during which there will be three lessons and a CD recording of each student's selected songs.

Payment of Tuition and Fees: We commit to paying tuition on time. We understand that we will incur a $25 late payment fee if tuition is paid later than the 7th of the month.

Payment of Registration Fee and Recital Fees: In addition to monthly tuition, we agree to pay a one-time registration fee of $25 per student. Recital fee of $25 is due prior to each recital. My student will not be allowed to participate in the recital if this fee is not paid.