Blue Frog School of Music

Music lessons & Policies

Monthly tuition is due at the first of every month. Tuition can be paid via an invoice you are emailed prior to the first of every month. All replies should be directed to Tuition pays for 4 weekly lessons per month. In the event of a 5th day in a month, your teacher will use that time for make up lessons rather than the usual weekly lessons. Tuition is considered late after the 7th of the month. There is a $35 fee for any late payments. If payment is not received, lessons will be placed on hold until payment, including the late fee, is received.

Monthly Rates
30 minute lesson slot: $145/month
45 minute lesson slot: $217.50/month
60 minute lesson slot: $290/month
(NOTE: There is 4% fee for credit card payments)

Practice Protocols
Students are expected to practice their lesson materials daily. Since a student only sees their teacher once a week, it is imperative for their musical growth that they practice regularly. Parental involvement is extremely important for a young student's success. Parents of any students under the age of 8 will be asked to be present for their child's lesson to be able to help with lesson materials at home. If a student is frequently attending lessons without being prepared, it is the teacher's obligation to speak with the student and parents about proper practice habits. If lack of lesson preparation persists, the student will be subject to a lesson dismissal and/or termination from lessons.

Recitals are held twice per year in December and in May. We do not charge an additional fee for recitals. They are included in the cost of tuition as a 4th lesson for the relevant month. There are 3 private lessons and one recital in the months of December and May.

Make-Up Policy
Make-up classes require one week's notice via an email to the relevant teacher in order to find a student to swap lesson times at a time that works for everyone. If the student is gone for the entire week of their absence, a make-up will be contingent on the teacher's availability as lesson slots become available over the following 2 weeks after the missed class, but it can't be guaranteed. In the event that the student is sick, a make-up class will be offered as slots become available for the following two weeks after the missed class. In the event that the teacher is unable to come into the studio, those lessons will be guaranteed a make-up lesson. Canceled classes due to sports schedules and other extracurriculars are not subject to a make-up lesson unless the teacher is notified more than a week in advance and another student is able to swap lesson times for that week. Last minute cancellations or forgotten lessons are not subject to a make up lesson. Please know that tuition is not prorated due to missed lessons.

Permanent lesson cancellation requires a one month/30 day notice. This includes needing to cancel lessons during the summer months. If notification is given mid- month, a prorated amount of tuition will be due for the following month. The student is welcome to attend their regular weekly time until the cancellation period is finished. Lesson termination will forfeit the time slot to other prospective students.

Due to the number of students on your teacher's calendar, email is the preferred method of contact. Text messages can be more difficult to keep track of and archive. Unless you are notifying your teacher that you are running late, etc., please use email for questions regarding lessons and schedules rather than texting.

Photo/video Release Form
From time-to-time we would like to be able to use photos and/or videos of our students to put on our website. Of course, no names would be associated with the images.

Please download and fill out the PDF Form