Blue Frog School of Music


"My son has been taking piano lessons at Blue Frog for over five years and his musical ability has grown by leaps and bounds. We couldn't be happier! John Churchill brings prodigious musical talent, and he teaches kids with just the right combination of high standards and bottomless patience, wrapped up in a laid-back, Austin-y attitude.

Sonora Lee is like the kindergarten teacher you wish you had -- sweet, welcoming, and approachable. We've never had her as a teacher, but as the owner she brings a warmth and positivity to the whole endeavor. I only hear good things about all of the instructors. You can't go wrong at Blue Frog!"

L. Quilici

"Both of my children have benefited greatly from their time at Blue Frog under John Churchill. My daughter changed to drums while my son changed to guitar after years of Suzuki piano elsewhere. What a delight as a mom to hear my kids play side by side!

John relates extremely well to his students. While making suggestions of his own, he also listens to the students' likes and dislikes and tries to incorporate their interests into their musical journey. We highly recommend John and Blue Frog!"

S. De Frere

"We love Blue Frog Music 🎶. We have tried other locations but fell in love with this school and teachers. My son has taken classes here almost 3 years and my daughter is on her first year of piano. Their technique for learning notes is amazing. We love to go early and discover all the new things Mrs Sonora has added outside, relax and of course feed the goats before our lessons."

K. Stoddard

"We love Blue Frog School of Music. Sonora and Pilar agreed to let my 4-year-old try out piano lessons, though they normally don't start lessons until age 5. Once they got a feel for her ability to attend to instructions, Pilar started building unique lessons that were fun, age-appropriate and effective. My daughter really loves music and Blue Frog has helped her discover new ways to explore that love through singing, rhyming, rhythm games and piano. THANK YOU!"

A. Cooper

"My daughter has been a student of Ms. Andrea and Blue Frog for the last 8 years....She's made an enormous impact on my daughter's voice progression from beginning to "almost" professional. With that aside, she's been a a great "Friend" that a Dad can't be....We'll always be very grateful for Ms. Andrea and her impact she's left on my daughter!"

B. Stigler

"Both our kids have been taking lessons here for a while and noticeably progressing in their music studies year over year. We love the welcoming environment and atmosphere. Mr. John and Ms. Sonora have made us feel like family from the beginning, and I could not be more pleased with the instruction and care Mr. John provides to both our boys. I highly recommend Blue Frog!"

K. Kling